Who we are

The Military Writers Society of Nigeria (MWSN) is a society of men and women who have a passionate affection for the men and women who defend Nigeria. Our members are first and foremost patriotic Nigerians who have chosen to honour the military (Army,Navy and Airforce) through and with their writings. Therefore all members of the Society are people who have written articles, short stories and books that adour, cheer, promotes,encourages and celebrate the military. We believe that our military is our pride and therefore we will do everything to protect its integrity and respect through our writings.

Our Objectives

MWSN was set up to achieve certain objectives that are either short term or long term. The Objectives are as follows:

  • To gather a strong body of innovative creative writers, journalists, poets and photographers who will make use of their craft to encourage, defend and help the Nigerian Military.
  • To help veterans and retired military officers to write and publish their memoirs and biography or autobiography for posterity.
  • To organize book reading and exhibition of books and paintings of members and the military.
  • To organize workshops and seminars on stress management, meditation techniques, writing skills and public speaking for veterans and serving officers.
  • To use our pen to provide balanced information on security matters viz-a-viz the involvement of the military in Nigeria.

Our Core values

Military Writers Society of Nigeria (MWSN) is unequivocally committed to the development of the profession of the Armed Forces through the exchange of ideas in the written medium. We are out to kindle love of the men and women who defend Nigeria, and a deeply personal understanding of their sacrifice and dedication. To achieve our goals, we will employ the instrumentality Advocacy, Collaboration, and Promotion.

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