Our members are very diverse and they cut across all strata of society. We have serving military officers, retirees, veterans, journalists, essayists, poets and writers as members. See various information below and join accordingly. 
1 year Membership
1 Year
No automatic recurring payments
Subscription period 1 years
Full membership benefits and access
One year membership term (10% Discount
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3 Years Membership
3 Years
No automatic recurring payments
Subscription period 3 years
Full membership benefit and access
Three year membership term (30% Discount)
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What are the new membership types and levels?


  • 1-year level member
  • 2-year level member
  • 3-year level member
  • Lifetime member
What are the cost and benefits of each level?

1-3 year member levels cost:

  • 1year: N2,000
  • 2 year: N5,000
  • 3 year: 8,500
  • Benefits of being a member
    • 1-year membership @ $50/year
    • 2-year membership @ $45/year ($90 or 10% discount)
    • 3-year membership @ $40/year ($120 or 20% discount)
    • Benefits and Access
      • Able to submit book for review & award consideration
      • Full access to all MWSA programs and initiatives
      • Full access to all members-only sections of website
      • Able to vote in MWSA elections and participate in all member polling
  • Associate member
    • Cost: free
    • Benefits and Access
      • Receives all informational news and conference email “Blasts”
      • Cannot submit book for review & award consideration
      • Limited/No access to MWSA programs and initiatives
      • Cannot access members-only sections of website (except their personal profile page)
      • Cannot vote in MWSA elections, and may not be able to participate in polling
  • Volunteer
    • Cost: free
    • Same benefits as Associate member
    • The MWSA board is still working on other possible benefits for our non-member volunteers. Please stay tuned!
Which methods of payment do you accept?

You can make a direct payment into our Account or Cash to the Treasurer

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